It’s gone now. The oil’s faded.

But you’re still clever. More than a match for him.


One day I will watch Vincent and the Doctor without crying. Today is absolutely not that day.


This is what you call a love story <3


Never for one moment do I think that the Doctor doesn’t check on his old companions from time to time. But none more so than Donna. And now, because he has regenerated he can be a little more present in her life. Perhaps he has waved at her from across the street, held a shop door open for her, sat across from her on the bus or even asked her for the time in passing. Because out of all of his companions her story is the saddest. She grew so much and became so much more, it hurt him to take that all alway from her. So in small ways, he tries to make it up to her, even though he knows in his hearts he never can. 


In which Doctor Who is a family show.


The Time Lord’s Wife (Part One)

Before the Doctor can regenerate into his eleventh body, the TARDIS shows him Bad Wolf who offers the Doctor a chance to change his entire life by allowing him a chance to go back to New Year’s Day in London, 2005, and meet Rose once more. The catch is that he has three months to convince her to fall in love with him until his ninth incarnation comes to take her away on his magic blue box for the first time in her life. Whatever happens between now and then, Bad Wolf warns him, will impact his future.
The question remains. How can you convince a girl who doesn’t even know your name to spend her forever with you?